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a local resident wanting to serve the community


A little bit about me...

My family and I have been part of the North Dumfries community since 1998. Prior to this, I was a resident of Cambridge since 1973. I graduated from Conestoga College's Doon Campus and have watched our area grow over the years. I truly enjoy the Waterloo Region and have a strong desire to keep it a safe and vibrant place to live and raise our families.


Respect the Taxpayer

Like many residents in our area, I know the value of a dollar and how hard it is for families to make ends meet these days. Even with Working 40 - 50 hours a week, after all the bills are paid, there is very little disposable income left over for a rainy day or to save for retirement. With constant tax increases and increased demands for services, it is our right to demand that our tax money is carefully spent. We shouldn't expect anything less  from our elected representatives at every level of government.


Urban Expansion from Cambridge

As Councillor for Ward 3, I will strongly oppose urban expansion into the Township and the annexation of land in the Township to Cambridge. This is a very serious and real threat to our rural homes, our sources of water and our local wildlife. Let's work together to be informed and be heard by the region !

let's work together ...

Roseville Road will be getting turtle tunnels


More on the Region of Waterloo plan to protect the threatened turtle population. Turtles play a critical role in our wetland ecosystems.   Thank you, Region of Waterloo !

High Speed Internet for Rural Communities


High-speed Internet is essential for rural communities, farms and businesses. This is a basic tool that all Canadians should have access to do business, upgrade their education and build stronger communities. Let's work together to lobby the Federal Governments " Connect to Innovate program " to bring High Speed internet to Brown and the Rest of North Dumfries.

Pay NO tax on Forested Land in North Dumfries


Here's an idea - Pay NO tax on the portion of your property that is natural forest.  What a Great Idea to help preserve some of our beautiful Carolinian forests that we have in North Dumfries. It may in fact even promote more forested growth. This can only be a good thing for our environment and the air we breathe.

Dedicated Gravel and Heavy Truck Routes


The gravel industry is essential to our region.  Although some truck routes exist , they are rarely ever enforced.  The majority of our gravel operators are good cooperate citizens and also have employees who live in our area. Working together, we can build on common ground and develop solutions that will not only reduce traffic congestion, but make our roads safer as well.

ND Council Says NO to Cell Tower on Barrieslake


This is just a bad idea on so many levels. A proposal for a gigantic cell tower on Barrieslake was turned down in by ND Council.  Undeterred, the company has appealed this decision to a branch of the Federal Government. No decision has been made yet,  but we hope a decision comes out in favour of the local residents and councils concerns.

Summer Garbage pickup to weekly ??


While the new bi-weekly schedule has been a great success for recycling and composting, some residents are calling for weekly pickup during the hot summer months. This is certainly an idea council should look into.

My Take...

" Let's be kind and respectful to each other - We are only around once "

Take the time to enjoy the outdoors in North Dumfries

Sometimes, our daily lives move so fast that we forget we live in a unique and beautiful area of the region. I hope that you will find a few minutes to reflect on the beauty of nature just outside your home , in your own backyard.   We are truly fortunate and blessed to be living in such a vibrant and diverse ecological area of the province. It's a great place to work, live and raise a family - not to mention the occasional bonfire !

Let's work together to preserve our lifestyle and local community !